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Accelerated Reader

How to do Log In to Accelerated Reader?
You log in to Accelerated Reader by using Clever.  Look for the Renaissance Learning icon. 
What is Accelerated Reader?
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer based program designed to encourage students to read.  Students take quizzes on the books they have read and earn points.  Goals are set every six weeks for students to meet.  
Goals and Points
Your child’s teacher assigns reading goals to each student for each six weeks based on their ability to read and comprehend.  This goal criteria includes: points, reading level and requires a 85% average or better.  Every book has a maximum amount of points the student can earn.  The points earned from the book depends on the amount of questions they answer correct.  
Can my child test on books they get from home or another library?
Yes!  Our district has every available test.  This database is updated on a weekly basis.  As long as the book is AR testable, they can get credit for reading the book. Visit to see if your book is testable. 
What is Home Connect?
Home Connect is a way for our parents to log into AR and check their child’s reading progress.  Word count, average, and points are just a few things you can see when you log in.  Ask your child’s teacher for your log in information.